Staging is preparing your home before it is listed for prospective buyers to see your home at its’ maximum potential.

An easy way to think of it would be comparing it to an interview process!  You dress appropriately when you go for an interview because you want the employer to be impressed and be able to envision you in the role.  In a competitive Real Estate Market you need to “dress” your home in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible, showcasing all the potential that your home has to offer.

Staging is more than just cleaning and decorating.  It is knowing what colors pair best, proper placement of furniture to make your rooms look bigger, accenting, and so much more. Having a professional come in really makes a difference on how your home is showcased.

Did you know that only 10% of people buying a home can actually envision how an empty home can look?


During our first consultation, we will guide you through your home through the lens of a critical buyer, letting you know the changes that need to be made such as organizing/decluttering and any necessary repairs. STAGED WITH KARE will also offer advice with color choices and arrangements of your existing furniture and bring in any other accessories (think vases, flowers, cushions, sculptures) and artwork to complement your existing furniture as well as rental furniture if necessary.